One of my movies is now online!

“Tangled Web,” a feature length film with me in it and me also as the cinematographer got posted by Chapel Grove Films this last week!

[ Tangled Web Movie on Vimeo ]
[ Tangled Web on the Internet Movie Database ]
[ Tangled Web Movie Reviews ]


Shannon Hunter’s life is a living hell.

She’s kept a virtual prisoner in her own home, at the mercy of her abusive husband Alex. Her only comforts are her children, her neighbor and best friend Kelly, and Taylor — the man she secretly loves. But Taylor is 3,000 miles away. They met online and their only contact is video chatting on the Internet via their webcams.

One night, after a terrible beating from Alex, Shannon is at the breaking point. That’s when Taylor devises a desperate plan — a deadly plan! A plan that, if it works, will set Shannon free so she and Taylor can finally be together.

But Shannon doesn’t know that someone is secretly watching her through her webcam — someone with an evil plan of his own!

Seen entirely from the point-of-view of the characters’ webcams, “Tangled Web” is a story of suspense and deceit that will keep you guessing right up to the very last second!

“Tangled Web” stars Rae Becka (as Rebecca Morris) as the tortured Shannon Hunter, with Jeff Clayton as her abusive husband, Austin Herring as her online lover, and Desiree Markella as her best friend Kelly.

This film is not rated. It contains adult themes, some language and one violent scene. It is not recommended for children under 17.

Run time: 73 minutes


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