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Current Position: Director of IT, Research & Development, Senior Software Engineer at Failure Free Reading working with schools primarily in districts across the USA to teach K-12 reading with an approach appropriate for students wishing to increase reading skills, ESL/ELL, also students with disabilities, and for any age level.

I am also a portrait & art photographer with experience in film, among other interests.

For fun (and love of puzzles) I research and create ways to target specific web browsers with CSS to fix browser problems. Note: The best CSS is important, but it is often necessary in a pinch to fix a browser bug in a hurry and later root out the cause to effect a complete repair. These fast fixes are known as CSS hacks. See my work here, and at my CSS test site [Live CSS Hacks Test Page at Bitbucket] MIRROR at [Live CSS Hacks Test Page at GitHub] and also at browserhacks.com where I have been assisting them in testing and new CSS hacks since 2013. If you post to the GitHub boards about CSS hacks I am certain one of us will respond.

12 comments on “About Jeff Clayton
  1. Jeff Clayton says:

    Recently I have had a few people post questions about code on this site. If something is not working for you, they are well tested in many platforms, so what is needed is 1) make sure you are meeting the requirements of the code in question and 2) provide all information based on your testing method including: (FIRST turning off any security programs that may be script or otherwise blocking code from performing) What browser and platform versions you are using. Examples: Mac OS X 10.8, Safari 5 or Chrome 48, Windows 10: Internet Explorer 11 (etc…) Thanks in advance. This will help others as well in the future if you find an actual issue that works differently in a certain set of circumstances.


  2. Jeff Clayton says:

    That is why it is not working for you. For the moment they do require that. It was different in the past before malware/spammers played with opening and closing windows to drive people mad – so security required removal of handy features. If that changes, or someone finds a different way, I will post a newer one.


  3. Jeff Clayton says:

    the sample page of mine has a live working button, did you try that? that is the one to test. if that works you should be able to duplicate it. Try clicking the button on this page and then click the one on the page it opens. http://browserstrangeness.bitbucket.org/window_close_tester.htm


  4. shanmugamgow says:

    ::-webkit-input-placeholder not working in safari


    • Jeff Clayton says:

      What version of Safari do you have – and are you using iOS or OS X? (Version number is important there as well.) Finding versions of browsers where it does NOT work is exactly what we hope for in order to target hacks to specific browsers.


  5. shanmugamgow says:

    ::-webkit-input-placeholder not working in safari i tried a lot is there any solutions


  6. Hi Jeff,
    just wanted to make you aware that your masterpiece live CSS hacks page is not available anymore,
    it redirects to bitbucket.org
    any plan on having it back? it’s a really useful resource,


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