Why vaccines can make you feel sick, even if you aren’t.

I am writing this because many people seem to have a misconception of what happens when they take a vaccine.

I am not here to tell you to take one or not to take one, just clearing up something that somehow has not been explained to many people, either properly or even not at all.

When you are sick, and you have a fever, cough, vomit, diarrhea — etc… the disease is NOT THE REASON you have these symptoms, at least NOT DIRECTLY.

Those things are your body’s attempt to fight off what it thinks is an alien invader. Allergies can have the same types of responses because the body is mistaking things like dust or pollen for germs.

When you take a basic vaccine, the general idea is to fool your body into thinking you are sick — so the body does exactly what it is supposed to. It makes your temperature go up (to kill a disease) give you diarrhea or vomiting to attempt to get any invader out of your system, etc… The body’s battle is also what makes you feel very tired. It take a lot of energy to do that.

Some vaccines are literally either a dead copy of a disease which the body sees and does not know (or care about) the difference between it and a live one. There are other types, and some do have issues. Not all are the same. But I have noticed that often after a vaccine, for these reasons, I tend to feel rather bad for a few days before that clears up.

There are many ways to fight disease, and not all do the same things. Talk to your doctor to find out about what other people have happen before you take one, and if there is an allergen in the medicine. Some people are allergic to things like eggs for example – which can be in the formula in a medication.

So no, unless you have an allergy to a vaccine itself, then you probably aren’t actually sick if you feel bad afterward. That is often normal. You FEEL & ACT sick because your body is fighting what it thinks is an enemy.

If you think about this, based on all that — then also there is a second issue people are not being explained well enough about vaccines. Getting a vaccine doesn’t mean it will always keep you from getting a disease… it means you have a level of defense against a disease that it is meant to fight against.

Sometimes it is enough to keep you from getting a disease, but other times helps you heal faster or limit how sick you actually get from a sickness.


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