CSS Hacks for Chrome 43+

These are my legal CSS Hacks for fixing web browser quirks or outright bugs. Please enjoy, I have been working on them for years. May it help you if you need them. Please read here first: [What are these CSS Hacks Anyway?] Then check my [Live CSS Hacks Test Page] and also [BrowserHacks.com] where I sent new hacks and test submissions for the site.

General disclaimer: start with good CSS and only use these if you need them in a pinch.

* If you are using iOS Chrome (say in version 7 or 8) and the hacks seem to be off, BEFORE you complain that these do not work, there is nothing wrong with the hacks -- it is not like other versions of Chrome. iOS Chrome uses the Safari hacks INSTEAD of the ones for Chrome. It may LOOK like Chrome, but is NOT using the Chrome engine, but the Safari engine from Apple instead.
More about that here: http://allthingsd.com/20120628/googles-chrome-for-ios-is-more-like-a-chrome-plated-apple

Here is a CSS hack for Chrome 43 going through Chrome source code:

/* Chrome 43+ (and Opera 30+) */

@supports (-webkit-appearance:none) and (R:0) {
     .selector { property:value; } 

Author: Jeff Clayton

As mentioned above, to test this live, view it on my test page at:

[ http://browserstrangeness.bitbucket.org/css_hacks.html ]


IT Director/Senior Software Engineer, Photographer I test and create new CSS web page formatting hacks for BrowserHacks.com for the purpose of repairing web sites. PS-- CSS hacks are fun, but please attempt good CSS first unless in a bind. See Test Pages: https://browserstrangeness.bitbucket.io and https://browserstrangeness.github.io

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